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Your business THRIVES on a solid FOUNDATION! What is the foundation of your business? A key component of a solid foundation is to surround yourself with the best in the business.


Most businesses begin with an innovative idea.  Your idea is the beautiful building with all the comforts and conveniences your business offers. It is the foundation you set this idea upon that can lead the way.

When it comes to bookkeeping, accuracy will save you and your accountant the time and money required to keep your business foundation solid. However, you have to lay your foundation correctly in the beginning so that when it comes time to expand and grow your foundation will be able to withstand anything that comes.

That is where Salt Lake City’s Foundation Bookkeeping swoops in to help out. We are the professionals in the bookkeeping industry who know what your business needs to strengthen, fix, build, or lay out your foundation. Cities including Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, and Sandy are thriving with businesses of all shapes, sizes and varieties but they all have one thing in common; their need for reliable bookkeeping.

We strive to set you up with the bookkeeping that will help you improve the level of efficiency in the accounting aspect of your business. We currently are serving through Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, Salt Lake City and surrounding communities. Let your wonderful idea thrive by creating the best foundation for your business through Foundation Bookkeeping.

I am a certified Salt Lake City Quickbooks advisor, and can sit down with you and show you how to implement Quickbooks in your business.

Jeremy Lott
Foundation Bookkeeping Services