Business Alchemy 101 Index

Learn how your business can be transformed into a thriving and successful enterprise through our series of lessons designed to help Salt Lake City business owners understand how to manage their finances effectively.  Take away the knowledge of the experts.

Lesson 1–Introduction

Lesson 2–Balance Sheet

Lesson 3–Assets

Lesson 4–Liabilities

Lesson 5–Equity

Lesson 6–Income Statement

Lesson 7–Cash Flow Statement

Lesson 8–Profit (Fixed Expenses)

Lesson 9–Profit (Variable Expenses)

Lesson 10–Profit (Contribution Margin)

Lesson 11–Profit (Gross Margin)

Lesson 12–Understanding Ratios (Part One)

Lesson 12–Understanding Ratios (Part Two)

Lesson 12–Understanding Ratios (Part Three)

Lesson 13–Sales Growth Ratio (Part One)

Lesson 13–Sales Growth Ratio (Part Two)

Lesson 13–Sales Growth Ratio (Part Three)

Lesson 13–Sales Growth Ratio (Application)

Lesson 14–Affordable Growth Rate (Part One)

Lesson 14–Affordable Growth Rate (Part Two)

Lesson 14–Affordable Growth Rate (Part Three)

Lesson 14–Affordable Growth Rate (Application)

Lesson 15–Sales Growth Consistency (Part One)

Lesson 15–Sales Growth Consistency (Application)

Lesson 16–Budget Compliance–Sales (Explanation)

Lesson 16–Budget Compliance–Sales (Application)

Lesson 17–Deflated Sales Growth (Part One)

Lesson 17–Deflated Sales Growth (Part Two)

Lesson 17–Deflated Sales Growth (Application)

Lesson 18–Break-Even Sales Factor (Part One)

Lesson 18–Break Even Sales Factor (Part Two)

Lesson 18–Break Even Sales Factor (Application)

Lesson 19–Revenue to Space Ratio (Part One)

Lesson 19–Revenue to Space Ratio (Part Two)

Lesson 19–Revenue to Space (Application)

Lesson 20–Sales per Employee (Part One)

Lesson 20–Sales per Employee (Part Two)

Lesson 20–Sales per Employee (Application)

Lesson 21–Gross Margin Factor (Part One)

Lesson 21–Gross Margin Factor (Part Two)

Lesson 21–Gross Margin Factor (Application)